Roxi Kringle

Friday, June 08, 2018

Last March I messaged a high school friend now living in Phoenix. "If you fly in I'll drive," and shared the link to the American Quilt Society show in Lancaster. A week later she took the red-eye to Philadelphia and we headed to see some of the most amazing quilts in the country. Every corner we turned left offered more jaw-dropping quilts. The hand appliqued hand quilted Baltimore Album left me wondering how long it took the quilter to complete the bed sized quilt.  I'm thinking a couple of years. I found myself in awe looking at intricate quilting of vintage lace tablecloths laid on top of a  whole cloth quilt and embellished with crystal seed beads.

Gazing on the excellent artistry of these work left me feeling without words. left me thinking, I cannot do this. I've thought that before with other work that exceeded my levels. In those moments I've learned to take a breath, take a step back and remind myself that there is a reason this work is exhibited in this show and these quilts that leave me questioning my own capabilities become an inspiration. 

I left the show with a couple of patterns, ideas for how I might want to try something similar, and new techniques to try.